REN'ALL CARE: An Alliance for Affordable and Sustainable Dialysis for ALL

At the origin of the Ren’all Care project is the recognition by prestigious and competent French and English-speaking partners from both Africa and Europe, of severe inequities in renal care worldwide and the urgent need for solutions.

Aware that a new impetus is desirable to consolidate and accelerate the development of innovative solutions and the achievement of convincing results for the benefit of acute and chronic renal failure in children and adult patients in low and middle-income countries, they decided to join forces and created the RENal care for ALL Alliance.

The parties have therefore signed a Joint Declaration of Intent to acknowledge the existing situation and to develop their common expertise and scientific knowledge on renal failures and their treatment, conducting sustainable joint research projects, with a preliminary focus on three areas of cooperation: the development of an innovative dialysis tool, training programs and epidemiological registries.


To ensure our Members ultimate success, it was important to come together formally as an alliance and commit to this Joint Declaration of Intent. Our process covers the three

key pillars of innovation, training and epidemiology. By bringing together such complementary expert partners, we guarantee the right balance of expertise in all these areas for the duration of this important initiative, enhancing its overall potential and sustainability. We are currently seeking the necessary support and resources to enable us to initiate this ambitious initiative.” November 2021.

Prof. Rudolf Wüthrich, President of the Swiss Society of Nephrology.

“By gaining a clearer picture of the situation, we will be better positioned to determine our course of action in terms of innovative design concepts. With our combined expertise, we are well-positioned to develop and ultimately implement an effective technology solution. This includes robustness, ease of use, economic viability, affordability and environmental-friendliness, which are all vital to generating a sustainable impact.” November 2021.
Dr. Klaus Schönenberger, Director of the EssentialTech Centre.

“This joint mission is interesting because we are targeting an area where a significant impact is attainable. Especially in the case of acute kidney disease that can be treated with a few sessions of dialysis, as is the case in Western countries. However in sub-Saharan Africa, especially in rural areas, this is not available. If we bring appropriate technology and training to community health clinics, we will save countless children and adults in hours or days, who can then go on to live normal lives.” November 2021.

Prof. Abdou Niang, President of the African Association of Nephrology and chair of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Dialysis Working group.